French TV report on France 3

French TV channel “France 3” crew came to visit Nathaniel’s little studio and see how he works on his first solo album.

L’équipe de France 3 est venue visiter le studio et “atelier de création” de Nathaniel Caperaa pendent la finition de son premier album solo.

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Some words from Betty Werther, former journalist at Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune, UNESCO…


Elsewhere, EP released on January 2020

Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Nathaniel is a kind of poet-philosopher in the tradition of his idols Dylan, Bowie, Harrison,…

 I have known Nat since before he was born since his grandmother was a close friend. Both his grandparents were singers and Pierre was also a composer.  So his gift must be genetic, but I can testify, having followed with great pleasure and admiration, his development and progress over the years, that it also took a lot of work which continues to polish the result. Hard work , talent and help from his devoted teacher and friend, Eric Bonnier, for inspiration and motivation.  Not to forget his mother. 

 In line with his Franco-American heritage Nat writes and, with an exceptionally broad range, sings in English.  Perhaps one day he will compose a  few lyrics in Occitane, the early language of his native Bearn with already a rich 1000-year old literary tradition and in need of a modern troubadour.

 Nathaniel writes and sings about loneliness, hope, dreams, love, in ballades which seem to echo the life he has already led despite his short 23 years.

By Betty Werther (Former jounralist and historical reasercher at Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune, UNESCO…)