French TV report on France 3

French TV channel “France 3” crew came to visit Nathaniel’s little studio and see how he works on his first solo album.

L’équipe de France 3 est venue visiter le studio et “atelier de création” de Nathaniel Caperaa pendent la finition de son premier album solo.

Watch the Replay here :

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Rock and Folk Magazine

”With his first EP, presented like a calling card, Nathaniel Caperaa seems to fear nothing.  Judging from the result he’s right. Born with Franco-American roots in southwest France,  this singer-guitarist-and composer commands instant attention with his seductive folk, his engaging and original songs, his pure and steady voice, skillfully confirmed by his perfectly synchronized guitar. This young prodigy is a true revelation who logically should go far.’ 

Translation and adaptation by Betty Werther  (Time Magazine, Herald Tribune, UNESCO )